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Following in the footsteps of Cleveland's legendary 60s horror host, Ghoulardi, The Son of Ghoul has himself become an Ohio television icon. And with 36 consecutive years on the air, he is among the longest running costumed horror hosts in the nation!

Son of Ghoul brings a high-spirited rock and roll attitude to those bad old movies we love to hate, spicing up the likes of The Wasp Woman, The Corpse Grinders and Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla with a lively variety of goofy sound effects and crazy music.


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If you're interested in DVDs or t-shirts, or emailing SOG - contact sonofghoul@sbcglobal.net 




Hey Knif's, this weekend tune in for "Prehistoric Women" from 1950. Real television broadcast over the air, on cable & internet. SUNDAY at 8 P.M. (ET) on WIVM Ch. 39 Canton/Massillon, WIVX Ch. 13 Akron, WIVN Ch. 29 New Philadelphia & beyond, also streaming over the internet at www.wivmtv.com or www.sonofghoul.net Smart TV users can watch on Roku, just select the livestream app. & search for WIVM.





Bolt Your Windows & Lock Your Doors! The Son Of Ghoul Is Coming For You!!!

The show can be seen every Sunday for free on real over the air broadcast television stations (re-scan your TV's or box to add these stations) on Sunday night at 8 P.M. (EST) on WIVM Ch. 39 Canton/Massillon/Wooster, WIVX Ch. 13 Akron/Aurora, & WIVN CH. 29 New Philadelphia/Coshocton & beyond. Also on many N.E. Ohio cable systems (check yours for the correct channel position). Everybody world wide can view the Sunday show via Internet streaming, just log on to wivmtv.com or here on my web site and click on "Live Stream" You may have to create an account and log in to Vimeo which is free to do 




Click here for Livestream:




SOG also can be seen by Smart TV users on ROKU.

Just select the livestream app and search for "WIVM"


126 - Son of Ghoul Interview , aka Keven Scarpino,

Host of The Son of Ghoul Show Interview!








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